Terms and Conditions

The Elsaanholidays.com is owned and operated by Elsaan Holidays Private Limited.

Every user transacting any services or otherwise dealing with Elsaanholidays.com shall be deemed to have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions of this User Agreement and the special policies and agreements so made and shall be bound by the same as amended from time to time. Elsaan Holidays Private Limited is rightfully entitled to amend this Agreement and the special policies and agreements if any as and when it deems fit without any prior notice and this user agreement shall be binding as amended. All rights and liabilities of the users and Elsaanholidays.com shall be governed by this Agreement.

This Agreement covers the terms and conditions for use and performance of Elsaanholidays.com, a dedicated travel portal wherein the user can choose his travel and accommodation and other services of Service providers from the available options. Elsaanholidays.com being a dedicated portal working as a platform for travel and hotel industry only acts as a forum for exercising choice to users and for advertisements for service providers and booking facility subject to the special terms and conditions contained herein to customers and shall never be liable for any breach by User or the Service Provider who shall be deemed to have contracted on principal to principal basis with each other.

Elsaanholidays.com has for the purposes of receiving the payment of transactions is availing the services of independent Payment Gateway which assures the security and authenticity in handling the movement of funds and also the promptness of services. Any liability due to deficiency in services or misappropriation or dishonesty of the Payment gateway shall be borne by the said independent Payment Gateway. Confirmation of any bookings shall be separately communicated by Elsaan Holidays Private Limited through Email/sms to the User and the Service Provider which shall only be done after the authentication of the receipt of the booking amount by the Payment Gateway. Elsaan Holidays Private Limited shall not be liable for delay by payment gateway in intimating it of completion of the transaction.